The Wild Meat Retreat


Do you want to secure the highest quality wild meat for you and your family?

Have you always wanted to hunt but need help getting started?

Would you love to learn how to butcher your own animals from start to finish? 

Is it important for you to hunt in an ethical, conscious and spiritual way?

Join Melissa and Chris for the adventure of a lifetime! 

Learn everything you need to know to get started on your hunting journey.

Skills You Will Learn:

  • How to get your hunting license
  • How lo learn the regulations and laws in your state 
  • What animals are best to start hunting for beginners
  • What locations are best to go hunting
  • How to shoot a firearm accurately
  • Firearm safety and which caliber to use
  • How to field dress and process an animal
  • Best practices for preserving and storing meat
  • Nature connection and awareness
  • The spiritual side of hunting and connecting with the land
  • How to be an ethical hunter and a good example
  • Stalking, tracking and finding animals in the field
  • What gear you will need 
  • Safety and preparedness 


What You Will Do:

  • Become Confident with Firearms & Archery
  • Get Outfitted With A Razor Sharp Knife & Gift Bag
  • Process An Entire Goat
  • Practice Finding Animals In The Wild
  • Demystify Hunting Laws & Regulations
  • Prepare For The Hunt With A Powerful Ceremony
  • Practice In The Field WIth A Small Game Hunt
  • Connect With Likeminded People
  • Enjoy Fresh, Local & Organic Meals 
  • Grind Meat For Burger & Sausage
  • Learn What Gear You Really Need
  • Go Home With Packaged Meat


What We Provide:

  • Three full days of a deep dive immersion into all aspects hunting and animal processing to equip you with the skills you need to begin your hunting journey
  • All gear necessary for processing, shooting and hunting such as cutting tools, guns, archery gear, targets, ammunition, optics, etc. 
  • Organic, nourishing, paleo breakfast, dinner and snacks each day
  • The freshest meat in the world once butchering begins
  • Your own skinning knife, hat and goody bag
  • Epic property bordering 20K acres of national forest to roam
  • Beautiful on site camping under the stars 
  • Packaged meat from your harvest to take home

Dates & Schedule:

Check out our Calendar Page for the latest dates and events: Click Here

Example Schedule:

This is a previous event schedule. Actual times, activities and order may vary. Schedule of events may change due to weather and group needs. 


7am Start

Rise, breakfast and morning hike

  • Retreat Initiation Ceremony
  • Talk - Nature Awareness
  • Group introductions

9am Goat Pickup

  • Travel to farm in Cornville 
  • Slaughter goat and bring back to house

10am Field Dressing 

  • Field Dress goat and hang for cooling
  • Talk - Start Your Hunting Career

12pm - Lunch
1pm - Shooting and Firearms Education

  • Firearm Safety & Education
  • Target Shooting

4pm - Dinner & Free Time 
6pm Fireside Chat 

  • What to hunt, where to hunt, weapon selection
  • Drumming, dance and music 


7am Start

Rise, breakfast and morning hike

  • How to find animals
  • Tracking, animal behavior
  • Playing the wind
  • Spot and stalk introduction  

9am - Animal Processing

  • Quartering and in the field work
  • Breaking down the cuts
  • Grinding burger
  • Package and preserve
  • What to do with everything else

1pm - break for lunch then continue processing 
3:30pm - The Sacred Hunt: talk and ceremony with Clint Frakes 
6pm - Dinner and Fireside Chat, drumming, music


Stalking The Woods & Squirrel Hunt

7am Start - rise, breakfast, drive to Flagstaff
9:00am - nature awareness, presence, slowing down, quieting the mind and putting it all together.
Go on the hunt!
2pm - lunch in the field and drive back to camp.
3pm - Closing circle and end of the event.


The WILD Meat Retreat Ranch is located in Cottonwood Arizona just outside of Sedona. Closest airports are Phoenix and Flagstaff.

Our 6 acre property borders 20K acres of public land so there is ample space for the mind, body and spirit to roam.



We will provide breakfast and dinner each day. Bring your own snacks and lunch. The meals provided are high quality, paleo, organic and sourced locally whenever possible. 

Sample Menu:


Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

Bone Broth, Coffee, Nettle Tea

  • Plate of hard boiled eggs, raw cheese, & avocado
  • Grass-fed Sausage patties
  • Gluten Free Pumpkin Muffins
  • Yogurt Bowl- toppings are bee pollen, mulberries, goji berries, hemp seeds, raw honey.


 Please bring a lunch
We’ll provide bowls of fruit, nuts & bone broth for snack.
Once animal processing begins we will be cooking meat on the spot as well.

Dinner Friday and Saturday

  1. Grass-fed grass finished burgers and hot dogs
  2. Various fresh goat dishes
  3. Quinoa pasta 
  4. Vegetable skewers on the grill
  5. Roasted carrots
  6. Sweet potatoes


Camping on our land under the wide open desert sky. There are several options:

1. Learn to hunt in style! Upgrade to one of our two canvas glamping tents or eco friendly RV. Outfitted with organic bedding and propane or wood stove heat. Available on a first come first serve basis. $250 extra per party. 

2. Bring your own camping gear - tent, sleeping bag, pad, etc. 

3. You are also welcome to bring a small trailer, van, camper / RV or truck to sleep in.

We provide access to one hot shower for each guest during the week. A porta-john is provided for bathroom arrangements.



Adult (18+) $1,750
Young Adult (14-17) $1,250

Max participants - 10 

Glamping Upgrade - stay in one of our heated canvas tents or Lance travel trailer. Each can sleep 2-4 people. $250 per party or per tent. 

Prices include all education, basic camping accommodations (glamping upgrade available), weapons to use, food, ammunition and goat for butchering with meat to take home.

You also will get our Hunting Basics online course to watch before the event and is yours to keep. 

Learning to hunt is a significant investment in finances and time. With our help you will cut years off your learning curve. After our event you will most likely save thousands by making the right decisions on weapon choices , tags, draw application strategies, where to hunt, etc. 

Investing in education is one of the most important steps in your hunting career. That said consider carefully if the financial and time commitment is appropriate for you before applying.  


Are You Ready? Reserve Your Spot Now.

This is an intimate experience and we keep the group very small. We want to ensure everyone gets a "Hands On" experience with every part of the retreat. 

If you're ready to dive in - click the button below to apply. It's quick, easy and requires only 3-5 minutes of your time. We'll contact you promptly to set up a discovery call.


You Can Do This!

If you have dreamed of a more sustainable lifestyle and eating the highest quality protein - now is your time! Don't wait another year to start hunting. You don't have to do it alone. We will help you learn the most crucial skills necessary. 

Not only will you "LEARN" these skills, you will "DO" them. You will process a goat with your own hands. You will find animals and use optics. You will shoot and learn marksmanship. You will participate in ceremony. You will enjoy meat and meals from your harvest with like minded people who share your vision.

After the retreat you feel confident and competent to start filling your freezer with wild game. We can't wait to see you on the hunt!