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Animal Processing Deep Dive 12-09-23

Animal Processing Deep Dive 12-09-23

What You Will Do:

  • Process An Entire Goat Start To Finish
  • Prepare For The Slaughter With A Powerful Ceremony
  • Participate In Every Step Of The Processing
  • Grind Meat For Burger & Sausage
  • Enjoy Meals Prepared From Fresh Game
  • Go Home With Packaged Meat
  • Transform And Enter A New Way Life

Skills You Will Learn: 

In one day you'll take part in every step necessary to produce the life-giving fuel that most of us take for granted. 

  • How to prepare for the slaughter with gratitude and reverence
  • Ways to quickly and ethically make the kill
  • How to field dress an animal in the wild 
  • All aspects of quartering, butchering, and processing 
  • Best practices for preserving and storing meat
  • The nuances of grinding meat for sausage and burger
  • Recipes to cook fresh, delicious wild game 
  • The spiritual side of hunting, taking a life, and connecting with the land
  • What gear you will need  


    Date: Saturday, December 9th 2023
    Time: 7 am - 4 pm 
    Location: Wild Meat Retreat Ranch - Cottonwood Arizona

    Class Size:

    We keep the class size small to ensure everyone can experience all parts of the process. You will perform the work, not just watch! 

    Minimum of 4 participants / Maximum of 9. 

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    "Coming from a place of relative disconnection to where my food comes from, it was both shocking and illuminating to partake in the process of taking the life of an animal with gratitude and reverence, preparing its body for consumption, and finally enjoying the fruits of our labor as a group." -Arianna (WMR participant)


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