Nature - Food - Connection

Are you looking for a life changing "right of passage"?

Do you want to fuel yourself with the highest quality wild meat?

Is it important for you to hunt in an ethical & conscious way?

You are in the right place. Welcome to the WILD Meat Retreat! Our missions is to empower you with the skills you need to become food sovereign. You can learn to hunt and live a life of connection, meaning, sustsainability and adventure - even if you have no experience whatsoever. Join the conscious hunting movement.

Conscious Hunting

For us hunting is a way of life that provides us with food, connection and meaning. We honor the animals and land with reverence and gratitude. You’ll learn simple ways to make offerings and give thanks before, during and after your hunt. You’ll learn to hunt ethically and morally to ensure hunting will survive and be passed to future generations. 

Shooting Skills

Choosing the right weapon is an important decision. You will learn the pros and cons of firearms and archery so you can make the right choice for your goals. We’ve found that starting with a rifle makes for the easiest entry into hunting so we’ll be focusing on firearms and how to use them. You’ll learn about the different types of rifles, calibers and safety. You will develop skills necessary to safetly and humanely take an animal's life.

Animal Processing

Once the trigger is pulled - the real work begins! You’ll learn how to process an animal in the field with nothing more than a multi tool that fits in a pocket. Nothing goes to waste and we’ll share several meals of delicious meat processed with your own hands! We’ll also cover grinding, packaging and freezing meat for long term storage.

Hunting Demystified

Figuring out where to hunt and what to hunt can be overwhelming. You’ll learn how to understand the laws in your state, licensing, seasons, bag limits and locations. You’ll learn how to find the ideal places that have the best chance of finding lots of animals and few hunters. We’ll help you discover the best animals to start hunting now and others you will aspire to hunt later as your skills progress. You'l walk away empowered with the knowledge you need to get out there!

Gear & Preparation

It’s important to have the right gear for hunting but you’ll need to buy a lot less than you might think. We’ll cover the core components of a practical hunting kit and what to wear out in the field. In a world of commerce where you’re constantly being marketed to, we’ll cut through the clutter and show you what you really need for success. We’ll also cover the gear you need to stay warm, dry, safe and prepared in the wild. 

Connection Is The Medicine

We can't do it alone. Hunting and processing animals is powerful work. You''ll be engaging in these life changing "right of passage" events with the support of like minded people who share your vision and values. Make lasting connection and meet hunting partners that can last a lifetime.

Go On The Hunt!

We’ll put it all together with an adventure into the woods. You’ll practice moving through the landscape with stealth. You’ll activate your ancestral senses and hone your skills of awareness. You’ll look for sign, study tracks and discover the clues that help you find animals in the wild. You'll have the option to pursue small game on public land or big game on a unique Arizona hunting reserve.

Choose Your Hunt

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  • "Highly Recommended"

    "..full of practical, in-depth knowledge on everything you need to know to feel confident with starting your journey into hunting/harvesting animals." (read more)

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  • "Positive Experience"

    Chris’s depth of knowledge and easy-going style of teaching really helped me to learn a lot and become confident and competent in a large range of skills encompassing all aspects of the hunt.

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  • "Incredibly Valuable"

    The retreat was an incredibly valuable and humbling learning experience for me. We laughed, we cried, we connected, and we learned so much. It was an experience I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

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