Wild Meat Retreat

Are you looking for a transformational right of passage experience?

Do you want to be fueled by the highest quality wild meat?

Is it important for you to hunt in an ethical & conscious way?

Join us for the adventure of a lifetime!
Learn everything you need to know to get started on your hunting journey.

Skills You Will Learn:

  • What animals are best to start hunting for beginners
  • What locations are best to go hunting
  • How to shoot a firearm accurately
  • Firearm safety and which caliber to use
  • How to field dress and process an animal
  • Best practices for preserving and storing meat
  • Nature connection and awareness
  • The spiritual side of hunting and connecting with the land
  • How to be an ethical hunter and a good example
  • Stalking, tracking and finding animals in the field
  • The licensing, tags and permits you will need
  • How to decipher regulations and laws in your state
  • What gear you will need 
  • Safety and preparedness 

What You Will Do:

  • Become Confident with Firearms or Archery
  • Process An Entire Animal Start To Finish
  • Practice Finding Animals In The Wild
  • Demystify Hunting Laws & Regulations
  • Prepare For The Hunt With A Powerful Ceremony
  • Put Your Skills To Use On A Real Hunt
  • Grind Meat For Burger & Sausage
  • Learn What Gear You Really Need
  • Enjoy Meals Prepared From Fresh Game
  • Go Home With Packaged Meat
  • Transform And Enter A New Way Life

What We Provide:

  • Immersion into all aspects hunting and animal processing to equip you with the skills you need to begin your hunting journey
  • All gear necessary for processing, shooting and hunting such as cutting tools, guns, archery gear, targets, ammunition, optics, etc. 
  • Meals prepared from the freshest meat in the world 
  • Hunting locations on public or private land depending on your desired hunt
  • Packaged meat from your harvest to take home

Hunt Packages:

1-2 Day Small Game Hunt

Journey into the ancestral world of hunting in the most approachable way through the joys of small game. We will hunt the low country desert for rabbit and quail or stalk the Ponderosa Forest for squirrel.
All hunts begin with setting powerful intentions and end with gratitude. You will walk away transformed and empowered with the skills to ethically take a life.
You will learn to use a firearm effectively and safely. You will practice ancient skills of nature awareness and quieting of the mind. You will learn to how to find animals in any landscape.
Hunting success is never guaranteed but there is a high probability of success with small game. If we are fortunate enough to have a successful harvest you will learn to process the meat and preserve it for the long winter. We will enjoy a meal together prepared from the fresh meat.
Small game hunts can be done in one long day or split into two half days depending on your needs and location.
1-2 People: $1200

each additional person up to 4 total: $500
License / Tag Required:
You must possess a current Arizona hunting license. No tags are required for small game but we must hunt in the season for the animal we are pursuing. One day non resident small game licenses are available for out of state participants.

2 Day Big Game Hunt

Let’s face it – hunting animals in the wild and on their own turf can be very difficult. It can take years for hunters to harvest a big game animal on their own. Some of us don’t have the time to devote to such pursuits and want to start off on the fast track.
We have partnered with a local 600 acre hunting reserve here in northern Arizona to offer a chance to hunt a big game animal with very high success rates. This affords the opportunity to gain the knowledge of an entire hunting experience in just two days.
You will have the opportunity to hunt wild boar, big horn sheep and even a buffalo if you feel called. Hunting may be done with a rifle or even bow and arrow if you are well prepared.
We will prepare for the hunt with ceremony and communion with the land. We will end with gratitude and appreciation. We will rejoice in reverence for the lives we must take on our journey to becoming fully human.
Education, firearms, ammo, ceremony, animal processing instruction.

1-2 People: $2400

each additional person up to 4 total: $1000
Ranch Fees:

Fee per animal based on species and size. 

  • Hogs under 300lbs $500 / over 300lbs $625
  • Ram hunts $500-$1000 depending on size and horns
  • Bison yearling / bull or cow $3500
  • Bison trophy bull $5000

Ranch guide gratuity, taxidermy, meat processing are additional costs if you choose to preserve your skull or have the meat processed for you. 

License / Tag Required:
You do not need a license or tags of any kind to participate on this hunt.

Multi Day Javelina, Deer or Elk

There is the possibility of hiring us to guide you on public land for deer, elk or javelina in Arizona. You must first secure a tag through the draw process. We can help you with this.
There are some over the counter tags available such as archery deer and select Javelina rifle hunts.

Contact us for more info on this type of hunt. They are all customized on a case by case basis depending on the animal you want to hunt, season and weapon choice.


Learning to hunt is a significant investment in finances and time. With our help you will cut years off your learning curve. After our event you will most likely save thousands by making the right decisions on weapon choices , tags, draw application strategies, where to hunt, etc.

Investing in education is one of the most important steps in your hunting career. That said consider carefully if the financial and time commitment is appropriate for you before applying.

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You Can Do This!

If you have dreamed of a more sustainable lifestyle and eating the highest quality protein – now is your time! Don’t wait another year to start hunting. You don’t have to do it alone. We will help you learn the most crucial skills necessary.

Not only will you “LEARN” these skills, you will “DO” them. You will process a goat with your own hands. You will find animals and use optics. You will shoot and learn marksmanship. You will participate in ceremony. You will enjoy meat and meals from your harvest with like minded people who share your vision.

After the retreat you feel confident and competent to start filling your freezer with wild game. We can’t wait to see you on the hunt!

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