Incredibly Valuable and Humbling

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend a hunting and meat processing retreat which was an incredibly valuable and humbling learning experience for me.

Coming from a place of relative disconnection to where my food comes from, it was both shocking and illuminating to partake in the process of taking the life of an animal with gratitude and reverence, preparing its body for consumption, and finally enjoying the fruits of our labor as a group.

Since I buy my meat from the grocery store, I was unaware of and simply took for granted the sheer amount of time and labor that goes into processing a single animal for us to then nourish our bodies from the meat provided.

I am grateful to have been a part of this process. Although jarring at first, the experience soon evolved into one that felt completely normal and natural. It even became like a meditation. It was as if a memory was awakening inside of me; after all, this is what humans have done for generations.

In my youth, I spent years abstaining from meat because I felt for the suffering of the animals. Now, on the other side of that, I find it helpful I remind myself that no matter what we eat, something else has to die for us to sustain and nourish ourselves, whether it be a plant, animal, or fungus. So, every day I continue to navigate how I can cultivate reverence for the opportunity to participate in this cycle of life and death.

I have the utmost gratitude to Chris and Melissa for organizing and facilitating this retreat, as well as the other wonderful members of the group for showing up and doing the work. We shared such mundane yet powerful moments together. We laughed, we cried, we connected, and we learned so much. It was an experience I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

I am nowhere near perfect and I still have a LOT to learn, but I look forward to seeing the continuing unfolding of this journey of reclaiming (at least some level of) food sovereignty!
-Arianna Hunter

Positive Experience All Around

“I’d like to thank Chris and Melissa for putting on such a wonderful long weekend course. Positive experience all around. Coming into the world of hunting as a beginner adult is daunting and can be intimidating. Chris’s depth of knowledge and easy-going style of teaching really helped me to learn a lot and become confident and competent in a large range of skills encompassing all aspects of the hunt.

The weekend was packed full of great conversations, demonstrations, hands on involvement, shooting practice, nature walks, hunting and great food!
I left the course feeling nourished. Chris provided a great breadth and depth of knowledge for the novice / amateur hunter to absorb and incorporate into their lives. I really appreciated the family friendly aspect of the retreat and was grateful that my 2 young Sons were able to be present and witness all aspects of this lifestyle.”
– Jake Folbigg

Everything you need to know to feel confident with starting your journey into hunting...

“The wild meat retreat was so hands-on and full of practical, in-depth knowledge on everything you need to know to feel confident with starting your journey into hunting/harvesting animals. Chris is an amazing teacher who really allows space for everyone to participate and learn. He makes it all seem so easy and accessible, because it really is! Would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to start their hunting journey.”
– Christine Rivi 

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