How To Take Care of Your Meat

We were just blessed with a successful elk hunt! In this video we share how we are storing the meat while waiting to butcher it. Taking care of your harvest

Lessons From The Elk Hunt

On the fourth day of my recent elk hunt – I was starting to lose steam. Every day we awoke before dawn and stalked the woods until well after dark.

The Best Hunting Knife For Beginners

The Best Hunting Knife For A Beginner: The answer may surprise you. Regardless of what big knife company marketers will tell you, almost any old knife will do the trick for

Should You Hunt With A Bow?

We get many questions about archery. “Should I start hunting with a bow and arrow?” “Is archery hunting harder than rifle hunting?” “Should I start with a compound bow or

Why You Must Scout Before Your Hunt

For years I made the mistake of not scouting (looking for animals, habitat, sign, etc.) before my hunts. Life would carry on and the next thing I knew the season

Should You Hunt Small Game?

I believe hunting small game such as rabbits, squirrel, quail, duck, etc. is the key to becoming a successful and proficient hunter of big game. Learn how small game hunting

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