The Best Hunting Knife For Beginners



The Best Hunting Knife For A Beginner: The answer may surprise you.

Regardless of what big knife company marketers will tell you, almost any old knife will do the trick for animal processing, as long as you keep it sharp!

Sure you could probably find a use for those 12 different knives that come in that fancy hunting knife set you see on online, but you really only need two. Yes it’s fun to have lots of knives but it’s not a necessity. 

You need one knife that remains sacred. It’s your baby. You keep it polished and razor sharp, protected in its sheath, always at the ready for the time you need it most. When you’ve got a 200lb deer on the ground or a bag full of squirrels in need of processing you must count on your knife being sharp. And I mean really sharp! 

Your second knife is for everything else: cutting rope, whittling sticks, prepping dinner and opening your packages. Use this knife for all the utility needs so you can preserve the edge on your sacred knife for the all important meat work. 

Check out our video for our best knife recommendations. We’ll talk about the necessities and a few extras to have around for all the knife junkies out there (us included!). 

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