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Melissa, Chris and Jeremiah.

Hunting for us is a way of life that provides us with food, connection and meaning. Food is our medicine and we do everything we can to ensure we are putting the absolute best into our bodies. That value led us to hunting and it has enriched our lives in infinite ways.

Nature is our temple and we believe a life well-lived is a life lived outdoors. Hunting gives us a reason to get outside all year long, even on the coldest and darkest days. The connections we make with animals and land bestow upon us a genuine feeling of belonging.

 We feel called to share this way of life with you and your family. Nothing provides a sense of wellbeing like knowing intimately where you food comes from. It is our goal to help empower you to become food sovereign and connect to nature in the deepest way. 

Chris King:

Hunting, Shooting, Animal Processing

Chris discovered hunting on his search to secure the highest quality food on the planet. Little did he know he had stumbled across something that combined all of his passions – nature, back packing, shooting, food, adventure, spirituality – into one incredible pursuit.

Chris experiences hunting as a way of life where one can find meaning, personal growth and a deep connection to the natural world.

Chris found hunting later in life. He did not grow up in a hunting culture or with mentors. He learned the hard way through intense study and lessons learned in the field. After a decade he feels grateful to have the skills necessary to consistently provide wild food for his family.

The only thing that makes Chris happier than hunting himself is sharing these life changing skills with others and shortening their own learning curve. He is a passionate teacher and speaker. Chris has a true gift for distilling complex subjects into bite sized pieces of actionable information.

Melissa Henig:

Hunting, Medicinal Plants, Lead Chef

Melissa is a lifelong student and teacher of health and nutrition. Her quest for the healthiest lifestyle led her down many paths. She spent years a vegan / vegetarion but soon learned that high quality animal proteins were necessary to vibrant health.

Melissa is the author of the book Raw Paleo and has inspired thousands to benefit from eating a diet rich in high quality raw dairy, eggs and meat.

She now focuses on a holistic approach to health that includes hunting, foraging, nature connection, re-wilding and working with native plants. Her small batch, wild crafted Herb Shop is passionately stocked with herbal remedies that facilitate healing and well being.

Clint Frakes  facilitates the hunting preparation and purification ceremony at our retreats.

Clint has guided over 15,000 pilgrims and visitors through Sedona, the Grand Canyon and the greater Southwest since becoming a guide in 1993. Over the past twenty years he has worked extensively in the Lakota and Dakota Territories and throughout Indian country learning traditions, lore and culture of America’s indigenous people. 

Clint believes that individuals from all cultures can deepen their sense of shared humanity and cultivate a more profound relationship to their own respective ancestral legacies through the universal teachings of elemental wisdom and deeply conscious ceremony.

He believes that such with reverence, prayer and contemplation helps sustain a crucial balance in the greater consciousness and subtle energetic metabolism of the earth, and that we each receive personal blessings and improved health when we engage this relationship. 

Connect with Clint – Sedona Sacred Earth

Clint Frakes:

Ceremony Leader

Join Us At The Retreat

We can’t wait to meet you and help you get on the path to harvesting your own wild meat. You can apply now or book a call with us, but don’t delay as we will fill up fast.

Join Us At The Retreat

We can’t wait to meet you and help you get on the path to harvesting your own wild meat. You can apply now or book a call with us, but don’t delay as we will fill up fast.


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