A Game Changing Tent For Winter Camping



Archery javelina hunting happens in January here in Arizona.

t’s one of our favorite times in the desert. We have made it a family ritual to spend new year’s day chasing these incredible southwestern icons.

January hunts pose their own challenges. It’s often bitter cold, storms are common and the nights are long. We want to share a piece of gear that kept us out in the wild when others were running for shelter. 

Most modern campers only know about synthetic tents. They are light and cheap, but we prefer to not sleep in plastic whenever possible. If you’re camping near your vehicle—the advantages of canvas far outweigh the additional cost and weight of canvas.

Canvas tents have been used for centuries. Their durability, breathability, and versatility make them a great option for back country hunts. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of canvas tents and why they are worth considering for your next adventure.


Canvas tents are known for their exceptional durability. Made from heavy-duty cotton fabric, they can withstand harsh weather conditions, including strong winds and heavy rain. Unlike synthetic materials, canvas is less prone to tearing and can last for many years with proper care. This makes canvas tents a reliable and long-lasting investment.


One of the key advantages of canvas tents is their breathability. The natural fibers of the canvas allow air to circulate inside the tent, preventing condensation and keeping the interior cool and comfortable. This is important during hot summer months when ventilation is crucial for a good night’s sleep, but is also critical in the winter. The breathability of canvas tents also helps to reduce the buildup of odors, making them a healthier and more pleasant camping option.

Insulation & “Heatability”

Canvas tents provide excellent insulation, keeping you warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. The thick fabric acts as a barrier against extreme temperatures, helping to maintain a comfortable interior climate. This insulation property makes canvas tents suitable for camping in various seasons, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors all year round.

For shorter trips we use am indoor safe propane heater for portability and ease. If it’s bitter cold, wet or we are planning for a long hunt we will bring along our Winnnerwell wood stove

Standing Room Please! 

Once you have experienced the joy of standing in a tent to put on your pants – you will never be the same again! When camping in the winter you often spend more time in your tent so comfort is paramount. There is also much more room in a canvas tent for cots a small table and other comforts. 


For those who prioritize sustainability, canvas tents are an eco-friendly choice. The production of canvas fabric has a lower environmental impact compared to synthetic materials. Canvas is biodegradable and can be recycled, reducing waste and minimizing the carbon footprint. By choosing a canvas tent, you can enjoy the outdoors while minimizing your impact on the environment.


Canvas tents have a timeless and classic appeal that adds a touch of elegance to any hunting camp. Their natural and rustic look blends well with nature, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. A canvas tent can enhance the overall aesthetic and create a memorable outdoor experience.

In conclusion, canvas tents offer numerous benefits that make them a popular choice among hunters and outdoor enthusiast. Their durability, breathability, insulation, versatility, eco-friendliness, and aesthetic appeal make them a reliable and sustainable option. Consider investing in a canvas tent for your next adventure and enjoy the comfort and charm it brings to your outdoor experience.

Our Go-To Hunt Camp Tent:
Springbar Classic Jack 140

We have tried many tents for our own hunting adventures, our glamping business and our Wild Meat Retreats. 

Bell tents are fantastic and we appreciate their aesthetic. There’s something unique about sleeping in a circular environment. Their ability to shed rain, snow and heavy wind is also fantastic. 

However when it comes to set up and comfort in the field, Springbar is the clear winner.

There are about 1/4 as many stakes to install, which is a big deal in rocky soil. The bell tent tie downs also extend 3-4 feet around the circumference of the tent. This is great for security and we love it for our permanent tents. However in camp it ads an abundance of trip hazards. Not so with the Springbar.

Setup is actually very easy. We can set the tent up in about 15-20 minutes which is very similar to the time it takes to pitch a standard tent. The only big difference is the tent and poles are much heavier, but again we think it’s worth it. The entire process can be done by one person as well.

There is far more standing room than the bell tents with their slanted walls. We also appreciate the abundant windows which afford excellent views and fresh ventilation.

If you have never experienced a canvas tent, give it a try! You’re in for a treat. You’ll enjoy a comfortable and warm experience that facilitate restful sleep and peace of mind.

When you sleep well, you hunt well. It just might be the difference between harvesting the animal of your dreams and going home empty handed.

Get your own Springbar tent herehttps://springbar.com/

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