On The Hunt For Mormon Tea



Many hunters only go into the woods in pursuit of animals. Little do they know they are missing out on a big part of the natural world.

Plants are abundant and offer us incredible opportunities for food, healing and inspiration. When we forage plants for our needs we connect with them in a powerful way. We feel it fosters a deeper connection than when we simply observe and “do not touch”. 

As you go about your plant journey you will make friends with different species that then become your allies. You can rely on them to nourish and heal your body, mind and soul.

Spring is here in the desert and that means allergy season! We’re on a hunt to find Mormon Tea to utilize its decongestant and lung opening benefits. 

Go out into your local landscape and connect with a few plants this week. It’s an excuse to spend more time in nature. You’ll also likely see animals, tracks and other clues that will make you a better hunter come fall. 

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